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Information in english!

I have decided to give some information about my cattery in english since I get some mail and inquiries from outside scandinavia.

My house!

My goals as a breeder is mainly to breed big, strongboned, healthy, good natured cats wich are good breedercats, and not for show. If I get a showcat I consider that as a bonus. I live on a small farm with my cats and they are free to run in and out of the house as they like. My farm is far from any highway or people, and closest neighbour is another small farm. The closest small town is Elverum, about 2 hours drive North-west of Norways capitol Oslo.


I rarely sell kittens abroad but I do some times. My terms for selling a kitten abroad is that you have to come and get the kitten yourself. I want to meet the person mye kitten is going to live with. You also have to have some reference wich I know and trust. This is a term that is not easy to fulfil. I take 5500,-NOK for the kitten. And a byer also have to pay for all the extra cost for the kitten like exstra vacsinations and other requimentes like passport for the kitten. Included in the price is deworming 3 days 2 times. Basic vacsinations, health certificat, pedigrees from NRR. The kittens can not moove to there new homes before they are at least 14 weeks old. And some kittenfood wich they are used to.

If you want more information please take contact and send me a mail:

This is me and one of my kittens 6 months old on a show in Oslo. She was EX1 and NOM that day and behaved very well!


The most importent for me is that the kitten get a good and loving home!

Here is Bjønne 1 year old asleep with his owner Stine Kongshaug! He is loving his life with his "mom".